• Soccer Chaplains United is hosting its very own, virtual Easter egg hunt! On Easter Sunday morning, April 12, at an unannounced hour and in coordination with the release of our new app, there will appear Easter "eggs" hidden throughout the app that can be "discovered" by exploring the different areas of the new app. In what is a common practice in gaming — usually a developer will hide different "eggs" in a program that are a special gift or prize to the "explorative" gamer. There will be 9 different, hidden eggs in our new app! The nine eggs commemorate the nine different teams that Soccer Chaplains United currently serves from the professional ranks to high school teams. The first users

    Apr 09,
  • Today we are in the midst of Holy Week — Palm Sunday is a fading memory and Easter is soon to come. But this year, around the world will look and feel very different from past Easter celebrations given the global pandemic that we are facing with Coronavirus. Many will have to remain at home. Church buildings will sit empty. The normal festive time for Christian people will be muted in many places. In today's From the Touchline episode, we are taking about the feeling of captivity that many are and have been feeling under lockdown. Especially for people living in Colorado and the US, where we are so used to our freedoms and being able to go where we

    Apr 08,
  • Well it has come time to say goodbye...and this is not a late April Fool's joke. No, not to me! To Brad Evans. Soccer Chaplains United has had an app (SoccChaplain) that we launched when we went through our rebranding a few years ago. A stock photo featuring Seattle Sounders MLS player, Brad Evans, has adorned our front page screen, letting athletes know where to click in our app for content that is designed for them. Pretty soon, the old app will go the way of the dinosaur A few months ago, we were notified of new requirements from Apple and Google for app developers and we started working on a new app in conjunction with our fundraising partner PushPay.

    Apr 03,
  • The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown much of life into an uproar — amongst the many things that are no longer normal, school and education around the world looks very different. Children are now full-time at home with their families. Learning and education that once happened in traditional school settings is now taking place online and at home with the willing or, maybe, not so willing work of the parent or guardian. Of course, this is effecting the football world, too. Athletes and their families, at all levels of the game, are now together and education is striving to go on. For some in football, this is a massive and somewhat daunting undertaking. In today's From the Touchline episode, I am joined

    Apr 02,
  • The first of April is usually a day wrought with jokes and pranks around the world. But during these times of global pandemic, there likely won't be a lot of practical jokes going on and, in fact, some have made comments about the "foolishness" of certain things like sports and football, or soccer. Times like these do bring different introspection and perspective, but is football just a fool's game? In today's From the Touchline episode, I take a look at what C.S. Lewis distinguished as first and second things. While there are some generalized sentiments around the global game of football and other sports during this time, I argue that there is an "importance" to an unimportant thing such as

    Apr 01,