• Chaplain Cesar Duran and his wife Andrea relocated from Denver to Laredo, Texas in the summer of 2017.  This meant Soccer Chaplains United and the Colorado Rapids had to say goodbye to their Spanish-speaking chaplain and translator, Cesar.  But this move brought the Durans closer to their home and opened new opportunities to explore. Andrea Duran recently shared an update on the Timothy Project request they made last year before leaving Denver. August 2, 2017, I had the opportunity to visit the “Burritos” soccer team of Nuevo Tantoan, Mante Mexico. That afternoon they were training on the field, and I gave them the donation from Soccer Chaplains United's Timothy Project. This donation included a cooler, soccer balls, water bottles, and

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  • Timothy Project: Soccer Chaplains United has packaged and delivered soccer gear around the world, again and again.  Sometimes the gear goes to small, remote villages that are not represented on a map, other times the gear is distributed in cities with too many people to count.  Regardless of what we send, with whom we send it or to where it is going, we try to include at least a few One World Futbols. One World Play Project is a B Corporation founded in 2010 by a man passionate to provide disadvantaged people around the world with the gift of play, more specifically play that does not deflate in the harsh environments of refugee camps, thorny vegetation, and glass-ridden playing fields.

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  • Timothy Project: Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, Juarez 2017.  Soccer Chaplains United has a strong commitment to support ministry partners.  Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church of  Englewood, Colorado is a ministry partner so great efforts went into providing a robust Timothy Project donation when they requested it for their recent trip to Juarez, Mexico. These reflections capture Emily Smith's experience of her time on the trip:  Timothy Project generously donated many soccer-related items for our team of 35 from Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church to take with us on our recent mission trip to Juarez, Mexico.  Our church has been taking teams down to Juarez for nearly thirty years and it was a blessing to be a part of this year's team.  So

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  • Long before Soccer Chaplains United begins to pull gear for a trip, many things are happening to plant the seeds that will grow into a bounty of blessings in a far-off land. When a church partner or organization is in the planning stages of a mission trip they first determine if taking along soccer gear will fit into their trip goals. If so, the group then decides if they have packing space to travel with the gear and do they have a place or group of people to whom the gear will be given. The group will then come to Soccer Chaplains United’s website and fill out a form formally requesting gear. In the form, they share details about their

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  • Soccer Chaplains United's Timothy Project is pleased to once again supply Colorado Rapids soccer donations to ministry partner, Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church as a team of 30 plans to cross the US/Mexico border into Juarez.  Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church has been working closely with the community in Juarez for several years and it is always a joy to partner with them when a team goes down each year. As the years pass and teams continue to go travel to Juarez, relationships with the local residents continue to grow, continue to deepen.  Soccer is an integral reason for this.  Pick up soccer games are common morning, noon and evening and all are welcome to play, regardless ability and skill.  The Timothy

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