• I recently returned from a trip to the U.K. and conference with chaplains with Sports Chaplaincy UK. SCUK (formerly known as SCORE) was founded by Rev John Boyers who continues to serve as chaplains for Manchester United Football Club. In the last 10+ years, I have had occasion to attend conference with the football (soccer) chaplains a number of times. They have been forging ahead in post-Christian UK context for years now and have established a foundation of trust and pastoral care and support for many sports in the UK including both ability and disability sports. In my devotions for 10 October, my readings in Celtic Daily Prayer point to the life and work of St Ninian. Ninian, a British

    Oct 22,
  • This past week, I've spent time with fellow chaplains in sport at the Sports Chaplaincy UK (SCUK) conference and 25-year anniversary celebration. Post-conference, a trip up to Glasgow, Scotland to stay with my best friend from seminary days and do some decompression. And while in Glasgow, also was able to meet up with a player who was a trialist with the Colorado Rapids last year, and recently signed with a Scottish Premier League team. As I reflect back on this past week, I'd like to share some of the highlights. We've Got to Get Ready A recent story in the Guardian on the state of English football (soccer) academies is disturbing as they track probable cause for a 16-year old

    Oct 09,
  • It is a well known fact, that of the teams in Major League Soccer, (as a fan) I probably dislike the Los Angeles Galaxy most. I don't know what it is - honestly. I like the owner (Phil Anschutz) as I worked for him when he owned the Colorado Rapids. Dan Gargan is a former Rapids player, and I always cheer on former players that have come through Colorado's doors. Maybe it's that LA seems to always win (they're like the Yankees of Major League Baseball). Maybe it's that the Galaxy once crushed the Rapids in a playoff series when I was working as Public Relations Assistant. Or, maybe it's that they have an extravagant budget (bringing in players like

    Jul 05,
  • With the season of Lent beginning in a just a week and a half, my calendar for Wednesday, February 18 is marked "Ash Wednesday." It is on this particular day that much of the Christian world sets aside a time to receive ashes. It is on this particular day that the themes of repentance are brought to the forefront of Christian minds. The tradition of ashes going back into the ancient times when people would wear sackcloth and places ashes on their forehead as a sign of mourning. But while there is an appropriate time and place for mourning and grieving, Scripture reminds us that there is a time that comes when we are graced with an exchange - His beauty,

    Feb 08,
  • A man may be of value to another man, not because he wishes to be important, not because he possesses some inner wealth of soul, nor because of something he is, but because of what he is - not. His importance may consist in his poverty, in his hopes and fears, in his waiting and hurrying, in the direction of his whole being toward what lies beyond his horizon and beyond his power. The importance of being an apostle is negative rather than positive. In him a void becomes visible. And for this reason he is something to others: he is able to share grace with them, to focus their attention, and to establish them in waiting and in adoration.

    Feb 01,