• With the global pandemic shutting off much of the world from itself, this year's singular Community Project fulfillment looks south of the U.S. boarder to Juárez, Mexico and the small team from Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church (CCPC) that looks to make their way in just a couple weeks time. Led by Parker Dragovich and Pastor Chris Piehl, this year's trip is thought to be the 27th trip in a nearly 33-year history. For a period of 5 years (2009-2013) the church deemed it unsafe to travel to Juárez with the drug cartel violence in its heyday. And, of course, 2020 saw closed borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the 30+ year history, CCPC has maintained a specific relationship with

    Oct 02,
  • Thomas Fahn, founder and director of Sadaya International and Sadaya Soccer, a few months ago, wrote and requested soccer gear and equipment as they get prepared to travel to Liberia. Their hope is to ship a container mid-November and have the container filled with soccer gear arrive prior to their own return. A box of gear will be headed to Liberia for Thomas Fahn and Sadaya United. The Fahn family have been investing heavily in ministry amongst the youth population of Thomas' native Liberia, one of the poorest countries in the world. Their original request included the following: 20 size 4 balls30 size 5 soccer balls50 adult soccer cleats (sizes 7 - 10.5)32 youth soccer cleats (sizes 5 - 7)

    Nov 05,
  • For Thomas and Jamie Fahn, the move from Denver, Colorado, USA to Liberia in August of 2018 to follow the call of God to serve in various areas was a massive move for them and their family. While in Liberia, they have been able to minister to at-risk youth in Monrovia through their soccer academy program. Unfortunately, earlier this year, with COVID-19 they had to return to the United States on an emergency evacuation flight provided by the US Embassy. The Fahns have been back in the US since April 9th, 2020 and by the grace of God — through their church, were able to find some temporary, affordable housing in Fayetteville, Northwest Arkansas. The plan for the Fahns is

    Sep 03,
  • Today, I will be taking a long drive to deliver the soccer gear and equipment for the Musana Community Project Request. Musana, currently, is the only project that has been able to try and get off the ground in a year stifled by COVID-19. With many countries and non-profit and NGO's hampered by the global pandemic, Musana continues to try and move forward with their plan to send converted shipping containers (doubling as school and medical rooms) to rural Uganda (outside of Kampala). Originally, Soccer Chaplains United was able to fill about 10 bins with about 425 lbs. of soccer gear and equipment; but when Valor canceled their trip to Costa Rica and with many churches and groups canceling the

    Aug 06,
  • The global pandemic of Coronavirus has meant quite a few changes in the United States and around the world. Valor Christian High School, originally slated to fly down to Tamarindo, Costa Rica during spring break and the school's practicum week (March 14 - March 23) ended up canceling the trip along with their other Discovery Team trips. Although it is difficult not to be in Costa Rica this week, I was filled with joy that our houses were still built and were able to change the lives of two families forever. I am grateful for the hard work team Costa Rica put into the fundraising for the houses and also to our trusted partner that carried out the work in

    Mar 26,