• Thomas Fahn, founder and director of Sadaya International (SI), is returning to Liberia this summer. His main tasks will be conducting soccer clinics and spending time with coaches and academy teams for SI. He will also oversee work being done for his family's guest house — all positive signs of Liberia returning to some sense of normalcy from the Covid-19 global pandemic. Sadaya International leverages the power of soccer to educate and motivate Liberian youth to live healthier and more productive lives. They invest in young people with an aim to help them become agents of change in their families and communities. Many talented Liberian youths have been reduced to extreme desperation because of economic and other hardships. Many have

    Apr 07,
  • The Valor Guatemala Discovery Team returned a number of weeks ago from their immersion trip and shared a number of photos and videos with us from their time in Guatemala. If you take the time to read the blog and the short snippets below and to look at the pictures, you will see the goodness of God on the smiles and faces of the Valor team and the people of Zacapa. I wanted to also say, that as the father of four daughters, it really is powerful to see girls being valued and the way in which a uniform or a shirt can bring smile and joy when offered as an unconditional gift from even a complete stranger. With as

    Feb 17,
  • The Valor Christian High School team which recently (Dec 26, 2021) went down to Guatemala has some updates to share about how their trip, their community service work, and their times of witness are going. To read more, from the student's perspective, follow this link. Annika plays soccer with a brand new, pink soccer ball from Soccer Chaplains United's Community Project and makes some new friends. I played soccer with a lot of them and the kids were having a great time. I also got to jump rope and dance with a lot of the girls. I made a connection with a girl named Gracie. I had braids in my hair and most of the girls want us to braid

    Jan 06,
  • This December 26th, a team of 19 high school students from Valor Christian High School will travel to Guatemala for 16 days. The team will spend a majority of ministry time working with the community that lives around the city dump in Zacapa, Guatemala. Children in Guatemala play with a makeshift goal Soccer will be a significant part of the team's ministry as they hold soccer camps and outreach projects in the community. With all that has gone on in the pas couple of years, this community has great need and not only does the Valor team hope to provide ministry to them while there, but also leave behind some gear that would enrich their lives. Other projects include building

    Nov 18,
  • "It's a good tired" I shared with a friend who asked about the recent family mission trip to Juárez, Mexico. Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, one of the sponsoring churches of Soccer Chaplains United, and the church where my family and I worship and are members, completed what is thought to be the 30th year of ministry and mission with Pastor Jorge Mata and his church, Iglesia Maranatha Presbiteriana. The church, just a stone's throw across the US border, has endured many struggles during the COVID pandemic — spiritually, emotionally, economically, and more. The family mission trip involves a week-long stay on the church grounds and various work projects and Vacation Bible School (VBS) programs for the neighborhood children, some of

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