• Driving through some of the towns and villages in Costa Rica, it was amazing to see some things which stood out. Namely, the cancha fields. Here in the midst of tin roof buildings on the side of a road would be a beautiful turf field with lights and netting. "Cancha" in Spanish means court. The small-sided field would host a 5 v. 5 match. Games were fast-paced. The ball, more like a futsal ball, had less bounce and a softer feel. (I know because one hit my face!) After several hours at the work site, our Valor Discovery Team made up of members of the boys and girls soccer team at Valor Christian High School would play small-sided games against

    Mar 28,
  • The third stop over on my recent 10-day business trip was in Costa Rica. The Valor Boys and Girls Soccer Teams had a Discovery Trip. Discovery is a program through Valor Christian High School that gives students experiences serving others around the world. This particular trip combined members from the boys and girl's teams. The students and leaders worked during the day to build two homes. After a short break in the afternoon, the students would then dress and get ready to play small-sided soccer games against local Ticos (Costa Ricans) or to host soccer camps and clinics for children in the different towns and villages. As the chaplain for the boys soccer team, one of my roles on the

    Mar 28,
  • Timothy Project: Valor Costa Rica 2018 will see Coach Brian Shultz return to Tamarindo, Costa Rica with his Valor Christian High School soccer players for a second time this March.  Soccer Chaplains United Executive Director, Brad Kenney, will join the team which consists of 20 players and eight leaders from the school's soccer programs.  Kenney serves as the Valor Boys Soccer Chaplain. During their time in Tamarindo, Kenney and the team will build two houses for selected needy families and reach out to the local community through soccer camps and clinics. Coach Shultz shares why the return trip, This is our second trip, and we intend to repeat this trip annually or bi-annually. Last year's trip was an amazing experience,

    Feb 15,
  • CrossTraining's Timothy Project: Valor Costa Rica 2017 Final Update shares about the donations, used by the Valor girls soccer team, that surprised an unsuspecting championship team with cleats moments before the game's whistle blew to start the game! According to Valor junior, Caroline Noonan, : "We were able to provide her kids with cleats just in time!" FC Fusion is a ministry in Costa Rica, founded in Tamarindo , to reach kids in the community.  They were preparing for a championship game when the Valor team met them.  The Valor students discovered that even though they were headed into a championship game, some of the players didn't even own cleats.  Valor sprang into action and not only fitted them with

    Apr 27,
  • This past Monday,  Rev Brad Kenney visited Brian Shultz and the Valor Christian High School team headed to Costa Rica. As part of the Timothy Project: Valor Costa Rica 2017 Update, Rev Kenney shares the following from their time together. It's always a blessing to go and pray over the teams and the people that are utilizing the Timothy Project gear to serve others. For the Valor team, it's exciting to see the young, student athletes who will go and be part of a life-changing trip where they serve the poor and minister to them through soccer. The commissioning of the team, featured a time of prayer led by Rev. Kenney, team leaders,  and the parents of team members. Typically, when we

    Mar 23,

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